Quality Expert Service

The quality of biological samples and associated data is a major issue in biomedical research.

It allows to achieve a reliable and robust diagnosis and research.

Quality relies on three major pillars: i) the control of pre-analytical variables that can influence the quality of samples, ii) the management of the biobank and iii) the quality control of the samples. 

To meet this needs, BIOBANQUES provides expertise and services. 

Control of pre-analytical variables

> Technical training sessions to implement european and international standards

Quality management

BIOBANQUES supports biobanks throughout the implementation of the biobanks standards NFS96-900, ISO 9001, and the certification process.

  • Support in the implementation of a quality management (advice, follow-up…)

  • Audit system 

  • 3 annual sessions of training on the NF S96-900 standard 

Quality Control Tests

BIOBANQUES provides tools and documents for the quality control of your samples, essential for research excellence.

BIOBANQUES generates synergies among its network of biobanks

  • Management of cross-audits between BRCs. 

  • Pooling of feedback (audit results, good practices, etc.) 
from biobanks in the network.

> 52 certified biobanks
> 120 people trained



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