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Ethics and regulations 

BIOBANQUES's Code of Ethics

The BIOBANQUES infrastructure and members of its network are involved in activities with an undeniable ethical dimension. They have therefore adopted a Code of Ethics which key principles aim to provide guidance for activities carried out by biobanks affiliated to the network. This Code of Ethics applies to both infrastructure and network members, as well as external partners using biological resources that have been made available by BIOBANQUES.


BIOBANQUES Code of Ethics to download

Quality of samples

Quality control: biospecimen release and deposit forms

To improve biological quality, encourage harmonisation of protocols and sharing of resources among biobanks, BIOBANQUES has developed several templates. They list the essential data that shoud be associated to a sample when deposited or released.

These sheets also enumerate a series of quality control tests that should be performed when depositing or releasing a sample. Forms are available for human samples (DNA / RNA, cells, tissues and fluids) and for microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, protozoa and fungi).

Downloading the Biospecimen release form

Biospecimen deposit form

Microorganism form


Quality Management Handbook: Managing the quality of biological resources: guide to the implementation of quality management in a biobank. 


Published by BIOBANQUES, this manual provides an explanation of the NF S96-900 standard (2011 version)for biobanks wishing to receive repository certification. It offers specific examples from certified organisations and samples of documents complying with current requirements. This manual is addressed to non-certified biobanks, as well as those already certified but wishing to implement some other aspects of the standard in their biobanks. This publication will be updated regularly in order to reflect the latest changes of the standard.


Managing the quality of biological resources


Search for biospecimens sample

Sample request application form

The Biospecimen requests document is available on the BIOBANQUES website. It should be completed by the person requesting the sample and send back to BIOBANQUES. Our team will then verify whether the requested samples are available from biobanks and CRB members of the network. The fields to be completed on this form are minimum requirements, so that your request can easily be identified by biobanks and matched to their catalogue of samples.


Biospecimen request form to download

Real cost of a sample and pricing proposal

BIOBANQUES conducted a study on the harmonisation of the sample costs which was published in Science Translational Medicine in 2014. Besides being a requirement of the authorities, efforts in harmonising sample costs have been made to facilitate public-private partnerships and to increase biobanks' sustainability.


Article to download

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