DNA encapsulation platform 


BIOBANQUES and Genopole acquired a platform developed by Imagene, providing an alternative method for the DNA storage at room temperature and based on the encapsulation of desiccated DNA under anhydrous argon in tightly sealed corrosion-proof metallic capsules.

This robotised technology fully protects samples against water, oxygen, light and any atmospheric pollutant which would damage DNA molecules if present in the container.

The innovative platform allows robotised processing of DNA samples from extraction to encapsulation, as well as automated qualitative and quantitative analysis.

DNA encapsulation at room temperature: Advantages and process (click to enlarge)

At full capacity, this high throughput platform is able to perform 19,000 DNA extractions from blood, 9,500 DNA extractions from other matrices and prepare 1,000,000 DNA capsules per year, thereby reducing production costs drastically when compared to previous platforms equipped with lower throughput robots.

In addition to guaranteeing integrity of the stored molecules, this platform provides a high throughput that none of the other DNA conservation methods can currently achieve. Therefore, it fulfils the requirements of a national centralised technology platform that provides services to the scientific community. 


BIOBANQUES supports several projects related to this technique:

  • A similar methodology to extract and preserve RNA under neutral gas at room temperature. Preliminary resultsare encouraging. Once confirmed, they will add value to the extraction and storage of RNA, which is known to be unstable and rapidly degraded, especially if handled in inappropriate conditions.

  • Due to the potential use of encapsulated DNA samples in the field of precision medicine, the effect of encapsulation on DNA methylation is currently being assessed.
  • Finally, miniaturising current robots and reducing equipment costs should be considered, in order for the platform to be accessible to most research centres. 
For more information, please contact Michael Hisbergues at michel.hisbergues[@]inserm.fr



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