Ethics & Regulations


BIOBANQUES includes a community of lawyers and ethicists who invest their ideas and expertise in the improvement of ethical standards for healthcare practice and biomedical research. 

The Expert Service engages in ethical and regulatory issues faced by researchers in the medical field

> Long-standing expertise in biomedical research

  • Advice for implementing ethical and regulatory policies 

  • Ethical and regulatory counselling to support researchers 
in accessing and using biological samples and data. 

  • Advice in drafting patient’s informed consent 

  • Review of biomedical research protocols 

  • Support for identifying legal and ethical issues of
research programmes, including European research projects. 

  • Guidance in drafting the ethical section of research projects. 

> Counselling to meet Research Institutes, biobanks specific needs. 

> Investigation of the relationship between law, ethics and practice. 

> Training in Law and ethics for researchers, clinicians, biobankers, technicians

> Protection of research participants

> Protection of biological samples personal data and human samples 


The Ethical and Regulations Expert Service drafted a number of documents to meet researchers’ needs: see here.

> 180 individuals trained since 2013

> 100% requesters satisfied with the provided service


Lawyer - Gauthier Chassang

Téléphone :  05 61 14 56 22


contact : biobanques.siege[@]inserm.fr

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