The IT Expert Service provides services and tools to meet researchers needs


  • Build projects from design to deployment
  • Install and support databases
  • Install and support interoperability of clinical and analytical databases.
  • Install and support software dedicated to biobanks and biobanking activities
  • Technical help and advice for future projects

Access to samples

ex: 154 000 sample catalogue for 3 disease-oriented networks: lung cancer, neurodegenerative diseases, germ cells

Tools to manage data

  • Lightweight patient identity server: Web application designed to manage patient identifying information and to provide a unique pseudonymised working identifier,

  • Coding Translator: tool developed to translate the French ADICAP codification of pathologies into the CIM10 (CIM-0-3) international nomenclature in order to promote biological materials at international level.

Software list for biobanks

  • List of free or payable solutions available to biobanks : http://biobankapps.com/  **under maintenance**

> 5 on-going projects to implement interoperability of database and data warehouses


E-mail : biobanques.siege[@]inserm.fr

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