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  • Adresse1: Inserm U698 - Hôpital Xavier Bichat
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  • Ville: Paris


The Bichat Hospital Biological Resource Centre (BHBRC) is a dynamic multi-purpose structure of clinical research activities within the University-Hospital area.

By its actions of collect, storage and distribution of biological samples, it plays an important role in the set-up of studies, and it is now housing several biological research collections already recognized nationally and internationally, leading to several international scientific publications.

Highlights of 2006-2009:

1- The BHBRC maintains and enhances its high quality level within all activities of the structure. Since June 2009, the BHBRC is a certified biobank according to the French norm NF S 96-900 (AFNOR - 2009/34457 certificat).

2- Scientific results :

a. Identification of new spondyloarthritis (SpA) susceptibility genes (N? 026 - SPA)The Groupe Francais d'Etude Genetique des Spondylarthrites (GFEGS), have mapped and identified the first replicated non-MHC locus on 9q31-34 linked to SpA.  These results have led to the filing of a patent for an invention related to a new marker liable to the diagnostic of SpA (INSERM Transfer, reference EB10191 - BREBAN).

b. A new prognostic and/or diagnostic marker of cardiovascular disease (N? 019 - MICRO) ATEROVAX is a start-up issued from research valorization between academic inventors (Dr Alain Tedgui's reseach team) and public partners (INSERM and AP-HP). The Aterovax's sPLA2 (Phospholipase A2) activity test is now available and can be used for a new prognostic and/or diagnostic method of cardiovascular diseases.  Several results have led to the filing of two patents (<< Cardiovascular prognostic and diagnostic marker >> N? PCT/EP2005/007733 ; WO 2006/008088 and "Use of sPLA2 activity for the diagnosis of cardiovascular event" ; WHO 2008/015546A).

c. A unique cohort of early arthritis worldwhile (N?032 - ESPOIR). ESPOIR cohort-study is a large multicenter registry considered as a unique cohort of early arthritis worldwhile ; it has been used to develop the new international criteria for the classification of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and validate the new international criteria for the remission in RA.

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