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The MS genetics centre of CRICM (REFGENSEP-BRC) is at the interface between clinical departments and research teams. It's a part of a national network including 21 sampling centers, a DNA extraction center and scientific collaborators. The BRC is open to collaborations and is allowed by the Ministry of research to provide biological resources to national or international requesters. The BRC has been evaluated by AERES and is now involved as a platform in the CRICM of Pitie-Salpetriere.

The center is all ready organized with a quality management involving all actors of the systems to provide quality products and services.The BRC has already compiled DNA and lymphoblastoid cells from: 860 simplex, 130 multiplex families, 1332 cases and 790 controls which are available for genetic studies, and the collection is still going on. We demonstrated that our collection was representative of the natural history of MS (Cournu-Rebeix et al, 2008).This BRC is a resource of general interest which has been used in national and international collaborations as shown in the list of publications of the group.

The high number of samples available in REFGENSEP-BRC and the good quality of associated clinical data allowed us to initiate large-scale genetic projects.

The genome-wide project is an international collaborative study taking place through the International Multiple Sclerosis Genetics Consortium (IMSGC). The IMSGC is a collaborative group gathering 30 different teams from Europe and the USA. Our participation to the first phase of the project lead us to conclude that our biological resources were of sufficient quality to be involved in international projects. 97% of our samples have successfully passed the very stringent quality control at Sanger Center. Results of this collaborative effort will be published soon. More recently we initiated a collaboration with the "The Multiple Autoimmune Diseases Genetic Consortium >> aiming to identify susceptibility regions common to several diseases.


Multiple sclerose genetics

Projets de recherche

-The International Multiple Sclerosis Genetic Consortium >> (IMSGC).

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